Artist in Residence

  • Date
  • May 22,2017

  • Time
  • 02:00:pm - 07:30:pm

  • Location
  • Wallington Primary School

Artist in Residence - Whole School Program

May 22nd—26th is the week for our Artist in Residence program.

Based on Brazilian Carnival street music, Steve Schulz takes a roomful of students, buckets of percussion instruments and a whole heap of energy to create ‘The Big Samba’.  Every child will be involved.


A 70 minute concert full of variety and sound will then be performed by the students on Friday 26th May. There will be 2 concerts: one at 2 pm and another at 6.30 pm.  All students will perform in both.  We ask that parents not attending the 6.30 pm show to drop their children off at 6.20 pm and then pick them up at 7.30 pm.


No audience tickets/payments are required, however please remember to return the note to indicate seat   numbers by next Monday (22nd May).