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The Wallington School Council is a group of interested parents and teachers who volunteer to oversee the planning of the school's future. School Council positions are occupied for two years at a time and elections are held early each year.

The Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 4pm in the staffroom. Members of the school community are welcome to attend any School Council or sub-committee meeting.

Council members in 2016 are -

      • Vacant
      • James Watson  Parent--Term finishes 2017
      • Kerry Wrench Parent -- Term finishes 2018
      • Kelly Tobin Parent   Term finishes 2017
      • Michelle Hughes--- Term finishes 2017
      • Vacant
      • Jill Murray - Teacher
      • Leigh McLaren Principal
      • Lillian Moore-Teacher
      • Parents and Friends Rep  - Co opted

There are three sub-committees of School Council for which we are always keen to receive expressions of interest in becoming a member or any feedback. The committees are -

  • Resource Committee Convenor - Leigh McLaren
  • Curriculum Committee Convenor - Helen McLaren
  • Environment Committee Convenor - Jason Vaught


There is more information about School Councils on the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development's website.



School Council Key Roles
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